Hey! It’s almost the last 24 hours of the Before, After, & In Between kickstarter! I’ll be posting a preview of my comic Ghosts within the next couple of days, I’m in the editing stage…. finally…. But for now this will have to do. Don’t wait up. 

You guys have really been great, since we reached the 2nd stretch goal of 15k last night almost all of the brand new rewards have sold out! It was pretty impressive. 

In fact theres only one slot left out of fifteen for the new tier that includes one limited print Before, After, & In Between bookmark from me and a postcard by Omocat from her comic Butterflies! Each of which will be randomly picked from a set of three. The other new reward tier with full sets of each sold out within a couple hours!! Wow!!!

There are also still 67 slots left for the book itself! It also includes a PDF of the entire book and the set of anthology postcards, which was increased again to a new total of 6 postcards, and a brand new reward - a 8.5 x 11 ” print from Yuj! 

28 hours left guys, you’re all amazing! Make sure you visit our official tumblr for promos, previews, and art for the book, and definately be sure to check out all the other awesome artists included in this project.  

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